New Azeroth Tavern Brawl is now open for 7 days. It will let you choose a class and start with a small deck and build around it. Have fun with this brawl and it will win you a Classic pack only for the first win.

Note in playing this tavern:

  1. You will start with a coin, 3 chickens, 1 spell for +1 attack, 1 spell for +1 health
  2. You always start your turn with 4 cards so you can empty your hand. specially if you have cards that reduce cost on each spell cards cast within the game
  3. Battlecry Card is a good pick
  4. Draws cards with effects like bomb cards wont be effective
  5. Effects that buff your deck is not good also. but it is a different story for Prince Liam, It will transform your chicken to ramdom legendaries.
  6. It is a RNG base game
  7. Have Fun

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