The Hallow’s End Event for 2018 is officially live! Make sure to login between now and October 31st to get yourself a free Golden Witch’s Cauldron. Not only that, there’s dual class arena to play and you get the first one free! There’s two unique tavern brawls on the way, and you can purchase the Hallow! Hallow! Bundle to get a new Paladin hero and 20 Witchwood packs.

Free Golden Witch’s Cauldron

Logging in during the even will get you a Free Golden Witch’s Cauldron! Throw it in a deck or two, it might even work well in a Token Druid list if that’s your fancy.

Dual Class Arena

Dual Class Arena is a unique way to play the limited mode. Pick a class and then pick a hero power from another class. You will then get to choose cards from both classes and make a very unique deck! This is one of the few times you’ll get to play a deck that mixes cards from both classes, so be sure to check this out!

Hallow! Hallow! Bundle

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the ability to annoy your opponent to death then now is the time! Sir Annoy-O is now available for a limited time, and along with him come 20 packs of the Witchwood. You can pick him and the packs up for $19.99 USD.

Tavern Brawls

There will be two Tavern Brawls celebrating the Hallow’s End Event! Monster Smash is the first one, and it allows you to take control of a monster from The Witchwood’s Monster Hunt!

The final one is the one you might be familiar with: The Headless Horseman Rides Again!

After this Brawl begins, you’ll get to Discover a costume with its own deck featuring cards from several classes and a passive Hero Power that you’ll need to make the most of if you want to succeed at sinking the sinister specter!


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