If you are attending or have a virtual ticket for BlizzCon then you have early access to some awesome new items for Hearthstone! Some of the standout items for me are the Art of Hearthstone Book, Adventure Backpack, Snapback hat, and the Global Games 2018 Hoodie. What items are you looking to purchase?

Check out all of the available items at the BlizzCon Gear Store. Prices listed below are in USD.

  • Art of Hearthstone Book: $45
  • Art of Hearthstone Limited Edition Book: $100
  • Hearthstone Adventure Backpack: $60
  • Hearthstone Ava and Sarge Poster: $14
  • Hearthstone Malto Shirt – Men’s: $25
  • Hearthstone Malto Shirt – Women’s: $25
  • Hearthstone Snapback Hat by New Era: $35
  • Hearthstone Global Games 2018 Hoodie: $60
  • Hearthstone Global Games 2018 Insulated Water Bottle: $25
  • Hearthstone Global Games 2018 Shirt: $25
  • Hearthstone Global Games 2018 Snapback Hat: $35

Hearthstone BlizzCon Merchandise

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