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My Decklist

### Mech Paladin
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Dragon
# 2x (1) Crystology
# 2x (1) Glow-Tron
# 1x (1) Hot Air Balloon
# 2x (1) Mecharoo
# 2x (1) Righteous Cause
# 2x (2) Air Raid
# 2x (2) Galvanizer
# 2x (2) Micro Mummy
# 2x (3) Goboglide Tech
# 2x (3) Sky Claw
# 1x (3) SN1P-SN4P
# 2x (4) Annoy-o-Module
# 2x (4) Explodinator
# 2x (4) Replicating Menace
# 1x (5) Leeroy Jenkins
# 2x (5) Wargear
# 1x (5) Zilliax


# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Deck Type: Aggro

Deck Overview


Match duration 6.0 minutes
Turns 7.5
Turn duration 24 seconds
Overall winrate 58.2%
Vs. Druid ▲63.0%
Vs. Hunter ▲64.1%
Vs. Mage ▲58.2%
Vs. Paladin ▼55.0%
Vs. Priest ▼52.8%
Vs. Rogue ▼55.6%
Vs. Shaman ▲58.9%
Vs. Warlock ▼53.2%
Vs. Warrior ▼53.9%


This deck became popular by the launching of the new Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Solo Adventure Chapter 1 because of the card Air Raid, which brings the deck and it side quest Righteous Cause in easy completion. This is a fast deck that can out burn early minions and get face damage to the enemy hero.

Key Cards

Righteous Cause

A delayed Mark of the Lotus which requires the player to summon 5 minions. It can effectively be seen as a 0 mana buff on the turn it’s completed, so long as the player uses all of their mana that turn.

Air Raid

While the two 1/1s with Taunt might not seem very good at the start, like a Frostwolf Grunt or Annoy-O-Tron, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, it summons 2 minions, hence can help zoo-styled Paladins. Secondly, it has Silver Hand Recruit synergy. Thirdly, it has Twinspell, which lets you use it again. With these in mind, this card has above-average value from the early game to as mid-late game.

Sky Claw

A buff to mechs and an activator for the side quest that will also pump all friendly minions


Galvanizer is often used to accelerate Mech-based decks. It’s especially strong following up on a Crystology, or just a hand full of Mechs.

Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy is generally chosen for his prowess as a game-closer, but can also be used if necessary to remove critical targets, or to push the opponent’s Health low enough to finish them the next turn. Leeroy is generally considered the most powerful and useful neutral Charge minion for the purpose of dealing burst damage.


Zilliax is even more effective if it’s Magnetized to another Mech. The higher the Attack, the better the removal and healing and the higher the Health the longer it can make use out of its Taunt/Lifesteal combo.

Mulligan Guide

Cards to keep from hand or mulligan for these:


Crystology is an extremely powerful tutor, and should be included in most Paladin decks. It’s often a good idea to mulligan for Crystology, since it’s a strong turn 1 play, and 1 attack minions begin to lose value as the game goes on.

Righteous Cause

This card provides very powerful synergy with aggro decks that have a lot of minions on the board but becomes very weak if there are few minions on the board.


While it has worse stats for its cost, it has the added benefit of granting a permanent cost-reduction effect that is not dependent on keeping Galvanizer alive on the board.

Sky Claw

Contributes to early board presence and activator for the quest.

Main Goal and Strategy

The main strategy of this deck is to keep an early broad presence in the game and pumping up damage by the completion of side quest Righteous Cause and by the buff of Sky Claw. If the situation is your running low on health you can use magnetize with Zilliax with another mech present in the board hitting the enemy hero or a minion for essential life gain. And the usual game Finisher will be Leeroy Jenkins for the last 6 face damage to get the win.

Possible Inclusions

This is a new card at the moment. I will update this next time with the card replacements but as of now the deck can include other early board minions for finishing the quest and other card that pump attack and health of your minions.

Match ups


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Embiggen Druid 60.9% 82.2%
Token Druid 57.0% 17.8%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Face Hunter 68% 65.8%
Secret Highlander Hunter 54.2% 34.2%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Highlander Mage 57% 100%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Mech Paladin 37.9% 100%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Quest Resurrect Priest 49.7% 100%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Galakrond Rogue 53.4% 68.2%
HIghlander Galakrond 54.2% 31.8%


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