Here is my new Odd Paladin Deck Post-Witchwood Nerf. Currently a Tier 1 meta deck in Hearthstone as this is posted.

Here is the deck list:

Odd Paladin
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Raven
# 2x (1) Acherus Veteran
# 2x (1) Argent Squire
# 2x (1) Blessing of Might
# 2x (1) Dire Mole
# 2x (1) Glacial Shard
# 2x (1) Lost in the Jungle
# 2x (1) Righteous Protector
# 2x (3) Divine Favor
# 1x (3) Ironbeak Owl
# 2x (3) Stonehill Defender
# 2x (3) Unidentified Maul
# 2x (5) Fungalmancer
# 2x (5) Level Up!
# 2x (7) Stormwind Champion
# 2x (7) Vinecleaver
# 1x (9) Baku the Mooneater
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

The current win rate of this deck is 56% as post in HSReplays

Gameplay Guide:

The Odd Paladin is the more aggressive variant of the Silver Hand Paladin. The constant stream of Silver Hand Paladins makes buff cards much more valuable in this deck. Cards like Level Up! and Stormwind Champion makes this deck much more deadly. The double silver hands also let you keep up the aggression much longer.

Tips and Strategies

  • Look for 1 drops to secure the board on turn 1
  • Coining a hero power on turn 1 is a totally valid option
  • Witch’s CauldronMarsh Drake and Corridor Creeper are all great cards in this deck
  • Use Level Up! once you feel the AOEs have been baited out and it’s safe to cast it
  • Use minions like Tar Creeper to protect your weaker minions

Against Aggro

  • While you are the aggressor in this matchup, you must keep the board as well
  • Divine Favor is perfect against control opponents who naturally has a bigger hand size
  • Minions with Divine Shield can really be problematic for slower decks

Key Card Choices

  • Divine Favor: A key card found in any aggro Paladin deck
  • Argent Squire and Righteous Protector: Though small, the Divine Shield is hard to deal with. More value when these minions are buffed up and remove an opponent’s bigger minion
  • Stormwind Champion: A big body and makes the rest of your minions bigger as well, an excellent late gameplay to keep up the pressure
  • Level Up!: The game can really snowball if this lands on 3 or more squires. Make sure to bait out AOEs before slamming this down

Mulligan Strategy


  • Argent Squire
  • Righteous Protector
  • Lost in the Jungle
  • Dire Mole



  • Level Up!
  • Divine Favor

Here is a sample of the gameplay for the deck:

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