Here are the games and improvements that the Hearthstone team patch in 14.6 version of the game and mostly for the Dalaran Heist solo game.

  • Dalaran Heist Balance Changes – We’ve made a number of balance adjustments to The Dalaran Heist.
  • Elise’s Journal – Acquired from purchasing one of the Saviors of Uldum bundles.
  • Matchmaking has been improved for players who are new to Arena mode. These players will be matched against other new players with the same number of wins.
  • Fixed an issue where Summoning Portal and Reckless Experimenter’s effects were being applied at different timings than other similar cost modification effects.
  • Rafaam’s Scheme and Dreamway Guardians can no longer be played if your board is full.
  • Shrink Ray and Equality will now behave in a way that’s consistent with Sunkeeper Tarim in regards to stat-buffing aura effects, such as Stormwind Champion.
  • Hunting Party will now generate golden cards if it is copying a golden minion.
  • Cards generated by Shadowcaster and Sonya Shadowdancer will now receive the bonuses from Magic Carpet.
  • Duel! can no longer be cast if both sides of the board are full.
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang’s cost reduction now works with all card-drawing hero powers.
  • Shudderwock now randomly resolves any Discover spells cast by Drustvar Horror.
  • Fixed an issue where losing your internet connection while in the middle of editing a deck would sometimes not save the deck changes after you reconnected to the internet.
  • Creating Zayle and Whizbang decks should now properly show the card’s deck header art instead of the class art.
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue that could cause a blank page to appear if you changed regions while on the sign-in page..
  • [Dalaran Heist] Spirit of the Tiger now summons tigers with correct attack and health values while fighting in the Underbelly.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Cursed! cards from The Hand of Rafaam will now trigger their visual effects properly.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Hero cards that are transformed by Golden Candle will no longer retain their hero power tooltip.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Fixed an animation issue related to replaying minions affected by Bribery after they were destroyed.

Have fun playing Hearthstone

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