I have decided to post my updates regarding my goal to get some new gadget or should I say freebies in Razer Zvault.

Now let us take some facts that we have.

First is my goals

There are 2 thing that I want to have for Razer Zvault.

Razer Nommo (180,000 zSILVER) and/or Razer Blackwidow Ulitmate (Green Switch) (201,500 zSILVER).



The loyalty rewards credits backed by Razer.

Rack up zSilver when you pay with Razer zGold or engage in software and services from Razer and our Partners.

Where I am now?

Currently I have 159,677 zSILVER as of the moment. As you can see I need 20,000 to 40,000+ zSILVER.

What are the things to do get enough zSILVER?

  • Claim the daily zSILVER ranging from 5 to 40 zSILVER from Razor Cortex. (An App from Razer to optimize your PC gaming environment)

Note: you need to claim it daily to reach 40 zSilvers or you wound get just 5 silvers the next day

  • Purchase anything using zGOLD for razer zvault.

1 USD is equivalent to 100 zGOLD. If you purchase using zGOLD you will earn zSILVER also. Every zGOLD spent will be converted to zSILVER.

  • Claim your 1000 free silver by just verifying your account but it is only once.
  • Vote games matches from Mogul Arena and earn zSILVER on weekly, monthly and seasonal leader board.

What is my timeline?

Before my expiration of some my zSILVERs by November 2018.

I will be posting some updates and news on the series by Razers and zSILVER.

Part 2 – Purchase pre-release bundle in hearthstone using Razer zGold

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