League of E.V.I.L. has assumed control over the city of Dalaran, however they have no goal of sitting inactively now. Next stop – Uldum, an antiquated land loaded with fortunes and insider facts. Their precise arrangement stays obscure, however you can wager that it’s something… fiendish. In any case, their foes are really commendable. League of Explorers is back, and they won’t let scalawags do anything they desire. Join Reno Jackson, Elise Starseeker, Brann Bronzebeard and Sir Finley Mrrgglton to find and stop Rafaam’s arrangement. The majority of that occurrence in the antiquated desert called “Land of the Titans”.

Saviors of Uldum is the second expansion for the Year of the Dragon! Our expansion guide will feature a card spoilers list, general information, explanation of new mechanics, artworks, card backs, and more! We’ll be updating this site immediately following the release of any new information announce.

Saviors of Uldum represents the 12th full Hearthstone expansion and the second set of 2019 (Year of the Dragon). There are no sets rotating out with the release of this expansion (next rotation will happen in 2020).

What we know with the expanion – Saviors of Uldum

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