For all you current and aspiring Hearthstone Twitch streamers there’s an event coming up that’s just for you! Starting on October 17th, you can start a new Hearthstone account, and race from 0 gold all the way to 5,000! The first person to do this will win a grand prize of $15,000! 2nd place will get $7,000 and 3rd place will receive $3,000!

You don’t have to be a current streamer, you can start a Twitch account anytime and sign up! Also, be sure to link your Twitch profile to a account.

Official Post

With the return of Hallow’s End and Dual Class Arena, Twitch is excited to present the Hearthstone Gold Rush Challenge, beginning on October 17th! The Challenge invites all Twitch streamers to participate in a race to obtain 5,000 Gold on a new account during Hallow’s End and compete for your share of a $25,000 prize pool.

Here’s how it works:

  • When the Hallow’s End event begins on October 17th, create a new Hearthstone account to begin the race at 0 Gold.
  • Clear the tutorial, get your classes to level 10, and begin your Gold Rush with games in Play mode and Arena—games with friends and within Tavern Brawl will be ineligible.
  • Stream all gameplay related to completing the Challenge on the Twitch profile linked to your account. Make sure you begin your run on before streaming and report your progress after each run.
  • The first person to reach 5,000 Gold will win the grand prize of $15,000, with $7,000 and $3,000 being granted to the 2nd and 3rd players to complete the Challenge.

If the Challenge is not completed by any players during the tournament, players will be ranked, highest to lowest, based on the amount of Gold obtained during Hallow’s End.


Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) is heating up and the top 16 countries and regions in the world have been decided. On the road to the playoffs at BlizzCon®, join the community in celebrating the journey with HGG Cheer — a new program that lets you Cheer with Bits for your favorite teams on Twitch using custom Cheermotes — all while unlocking sweet loot along the way.

Every Cheer from Sept. 17 through Nov. 4 on /playhearthstone brings you and the entire community closer to unlocking Cheering goals, which include in-game items like card packs and a card back, and exclusive Twitch emotes. Even better: a portion of the revenue from Bits you Cheer goes directly to the team you’re supporting.

Right below the video player on /playhearthstone, you can track team-specific and global community Cheering progress; check out your individual goals, and see leaderboards that highlight each team’s biggest superfan. HGG teams will not only feel the love from your Cheers, they’ll get to see themselves represented on Twitch and within Hearthstone on unlockable team-branded items!

How it works:

  • Be sure to link your Blizzard account to your Twitch account so you can claim loot when items become available.
  • Cheer for your favorite teams on /playhearthstone (or any of the international channels) during HGG events by clicking on the Bits gem at the bottom of chat, selecting the team’s logo, adding the number of Bits and a custom message to cheer them on.
  • Once Cheering goals are reached, items will be automatically deposited in your Hearthstone account as long as you have your account linked with your Twitch account.

Support your team in the Hearthstone Global Games beginning on September 17 and follow them as they chase the trophy at BlizzCon. For more details on the HGG Schedule, click here. Follow the Hearthstone channel to be notified when events go live.


Q. How much revenue does a team receive when Bits are Cheered for them?

A. For each Bit Cheered for a team, that team and Blizzard (as the tournament organizer) receive the same amount of revenue share.

Q. How do I Cheer for a team?

A. Click on the Bits gem at the bottom of the chat window, select the team’s logo, add the number of Bits you want to use and a custom message to cheer them on.

Q. Can I use the regular Cheer command (e.g. cheer100) during HGG?

A. No, regular Cheers won’t work on the PlayHearthstone channel during HGG. You can Cheer for any or all of the teams competing in HGG using the team-themed Cheermotes.

Q. I forgot to link my account before Cheering…Can I still get the items?

A. Yes! First, go ahead and link your Blizzard account to your Twitch account. Then, return to the PlayHearthstone channel. You’ll see that a “Redeem All” button has appeared. Hit that button to claim your items! Going forward, the items will be deposited directly into your account.

Q. Where can I watch HGG in my native language?

A. You can view HGG in EnglishRussianFrenchKoreanJapaneseMandarin, and Thai.