Decklist (Most Common List)

### Token Druid
# Class: Druid
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Dragon
# 2x (1) Treenforcements
# 2x (1) Acornbearer
# 2x (2) Shrubadier
# 1x (2) Power of the Wild
# 2x (2) Dendrologist
# 2x (3) Savage Roar
# 2x (3) Landscaping
# 2x (3) Blessing of the Ancients
# 2x (4) Soul of the Forest
# 2x (4) Garden Gnome
# 2x (5) Force of Nature
# 2x (5) Anubisath Defender
# 2x (5) Aeroponics
# 1x (7) Goru the Mightree
# 2x (8) The Forest's Aid
# 2x (9) Mulchmuncher
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Deck Type: Aggro/Tempo

Deck Overview

Match duration 6.3 minutes
Turns 8.0
Turn duration 24 seconds
Overall winrate 55.4%
Vs. Druid ▲66.1%
Vs. Hunter ▲55.6%
Vs. Mage ▼54.3%
Vs. Paladin ▲66.3%
Vs. Priest ▲60.7%
Vs. Rogue ▼54.8%
Vs. Shaman ▼51.4%
Vs. Warlock ▼45.1%
Vs. Warrior ▲55.8%


Token card are still reigning the ladder with the buff MulchMuncher and the new legendary taunt Goru the Mightree

Key Cards

Aeroponics – While fairly inefficient on its own, controlling a single Treant makes Aeroponics equivalent to Arcane Intellect and three Treants (easily achievable with Force of Nature, Soul of the Forest, or The Forest’s Aid) make it free to cast.

Landscaping – This card generates 4/4 worth of stats for 3 mana, slightly above average total stats. This card is best played to create a wide board to take advantage of AoE buffs. It also summons Treants, which means it synergizes with Dendrologist and Mulchmuncher.

The Forest’s Aid – works as a late game value tool for a token deck. It provides two waves of minions that your opponent is forced to deal with, all of which threaten high damage. If left alive, the Treants are great targets for Savage Roar, Power of the Wild, or Blessing of the Ancients.

Force of Nature – This card now works well in decks with area of effect buffs, and in slightly slower Savage Roar decks that focus on building a board of multiple sticky minions. This strategy benefits the presence of a number of minions on the druid’s board, regardless of their Attack; sticky minions like Piloted Shredder and Haunted Creeper are often chosen for this synergy, preventing the opponent from clearing the druid’s board.

Mulchmuncher – This card works similarly to Giants, but its cost reduction requirement is more specific, namely Treants.

Dendrologist – The amount of value this card generates can be substantial, as many Druid spells will be of some use in token-style decks, whether it’s removal, card draw, or more tokens, and only a few will be complete duds. In emergencies, it can be played as a vanilla 2/3 if early game tempo is crucial.

Power of the wild – Ideally, use Leader of the Pack to improve the survivability of fragile minions, to allow weaker minions to overpower mighty adversaries, or use it when you have a full board of minions and reap a combined +7/+7 benefit from this 2 mana card. Alternatively, the Panther makes a fine weaker minion when your side of the board is empty.

Mulligan Guide

Shrubadier, Acornbearer, Treenforcements, Landscaping, Dendrologist

Main Goal and Strategy

Your win will be given by playing token generation cards and giving your opponent board pressure and also pumping attack and health with Power of the Wild or Goru the Mightree

Possible Replacements

– 2 Blessing of the Ancients, -2 Soul of the Forest / +1 Power or the wild, +1 Sn1p-Sn4p, +1 Flobbidinous Floop, +1 Zilliax

– 2  Blessing of the Ancients, -2 Anubisath Defender / +1 Power of the Wild, + 2 Wispering Woods, +1 Sathrovarr

– 1  Blessing of the Ancients, – 1 The Forest’s Aid / +2 Swipe

– 1 Goru the Mightree / + 1 Power of the Wild



Archetype Winrate Popularity
Dragon Druid 80.9% 15.4%
Embiggen Druid 63.4% 26.5%
Quest Druid 81.9% 17.9%
Token Druid 56.8% 40.1%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Face Hunter 53.5% 64.3%
Highlander Dragon Hunter 64.4% 5.8%
Quest Hunter 45.7% 7.3%
Secret Highlander Hunter 61.3% 22.6%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Cyclone Mage 58% 14.3%
Highlander Mage 55% 85.7%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Highlander Dragon Paladin 66.3% 16.1%
Holy Wrath Paladin 75.2% 34.7%
Mech Paladin 45.7% 22.3%
Pure Paladin 56.5% 27%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Combo Priest 45.8% 8.6%
Galakrond Priest 76.7% 15.5%
Quest Resurrect Priest 57.3% 76%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Deathrattle Rogue 54.2% 17.4%
Galakrond Deathrattle Rogue 52.1% 14.6%
Galakrond Rogue 61% 7.6%
Highlander Galakrond Rogue 55.5% 60.5%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Aggro Overload Shaman 53% 6.3%
Galakrond Quest Shaman 58.8% 18%
Galakrond Shaman 56.6% 75.7%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Galakrond Hand Warlock 51.8% 5.3%
Galakrond Zoo Warlock 40.9% 71.8%
Hand Warlock 50.8% 22.9%


Archetype Winrate Popularity
Control Warrior 76.6% 4.3%
Galakrond Warrior 59.9% 70.7%
Pirate Warrior 40% 24.9%

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