For all you current and aspiring Hearthstone Twitch streamers there’s an event coming up that’s just for you! Starting on October 17th, you can start a new Hearthstone account, and race from 0 gold all the way to 5,000! The first person to do this will win a grand prize of $15,000! 2nd place will get $7,000 and 3rd place will receive $3,000!

You don’t have to be a current streamer, you can start a Twitch account anytime and sign up! Also, be sure to link your Twitch profile to a account.

Official Post

With the return of Hallow’s End and Dual Class Arena, Twitch is excited to present the Hearthstone Gold Rush Challenge, beginning on October 17th! The Challenge invites all Twitch streamers to participate in a race to obtain 5,000 Gold on a new account during Hallow’s End and compete for your share of a $25,000 prize pool.

Here’s how it works:

  • When the Hallow’s End event begins on October 17th, create a new Hearthstone account to begin the race at 0 Gold.
  • Clear the tutorial, get your classes to level 10, and begin your Gold Rush with games in Play mode and Arena—games with friends and within Tavern Brawl will be ineligible.
  • Stream all gameplay related to completing the Challenge on the Twitch profile linked to your account. Make sure you begin your run on before streaming and report your progress after each run.
  • The first person to reach 5,000 Gold will win the grand prize of $15,000, with $7,000 and $3,000 being granted to the 2nd and 3rd players to complete the Challenge.

If the Challenge is not completed by any players during the tournament, players will be ranked, highest to lowest, based on the amount of Gold obtained during Hallow’s End.


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