There will be an update in March. This guide is up to March 3 (before deadline) only. You can still read this guide and steal some of the keys to unlock your way to champ, 1800s, 1900s, 2000, and top 100. Let’s talk about my 27-0 run from 1800s to 2000s. Let me break it down for you. Most of my matches are Giant challenges(Giant is always you) you need to win this coz if  you lose, you know what’s coming, chunks of your points will be taken away. You’ll be up against A tier or a much lower it champion (Prolly 1600s and below) yes, there are champs that are below 1600s. I’ve encountered 1300s. I’m dead serious. Second big thing from my matches is between 1850s to 1950s. You rock em’ you’ll be rewarded with not less than 15 points. You lose, say goodbye to your 25 or less. 1/4 of my matches are those on top or way more points than me. Fought against 711yellow (30), BVLJoe (above 50) Swags (top 100), Viruses(top 100) are elite Japanese players. They are like bosses. Meaning to say, you are like David and they are the giants. I won against em’, by luck or by skills or by experience? does not matter anymore. It is what it is. A win is a win.

Giant killer challenge- 13

1800s to 1899- 6

1900s to 1999- 6

Top 100- 2

Without further ado let’s talk about what would be your match win/loss percentage and also some of the best ways to react, counter, lane offense, lane defense and mana efficiency(bar). I will give you the most Hero (Hero art) that I’ve encountered.

Wesker Dark destruction, Ryu Shinku Hadouken and Chunli Yawn.

Wesker DD

60/40. 60% chance of losing.

He’s Loaded with early removals.

If he is doing nothing. The chance of him holding a good starting hand is very high. He will stall the game and destroy everything on his path. He will kill your batteries (mana boosters). His hero art will kill mostly of your dudes but not Huitzil/Felicia (6 mana). Under a minute left of the match expect Hazaak or a big revenge Wesker. He will drop it on your weakest lane. He is also ready to kill a 5 cost or less mana blocker. Of course he has a hero power ready on that situation. If he timed it perfectly. He will kill your blocker and Hazaak will punch you damn hard. He will always block your attackers. He has an advantage of the revenge cards on his deck. Zombies and Tyrants. The best way to win against a DD, try to be confident on your moves. If he has the answer, there’s nothing you can do but to adapt on those situations and then you plan how to play your cards the right way. Always play battery cards. Specially Iris, first turn drop it on top or bottom. You have to point your finger and target a Tyrant on the other side if you are holding a Cannon or Seal. Anticipation is the best way to make a good play. You have double-time mana boost. if you can drop another battery at the middle to set up a turtle for ascension is the best middle lane offense/defense. Expect those 2 and 3 mana removals. If he is charging up, he will cast the Akuma card removal that will remove copies from your deck(all of it) or Obliteration. If you manage to charge your Yawn power. Always target the weakest of your dudes. You will ascend those later for Huitzil and Turtle. After he uses his DD, now is the time to set up a Karin on the weakest lane. Karin has double time attack. She’s very difficult to answer coz her stats are high(4/10). Charging up to 10 mana and then dropping Diablos at the middle followed by an Iris either top/bottom is the best first turn play if you are holding both. Wesker having only 10% chance of holding an Obliteration and) or Akuma card removal. Split to one of each card from a standard list based on what I see on Twitter/Discord/Reddit (source of deck lists). If you manage to drop batteries on all of your lanes. It’s already a win coz he has no answers for those. Follow it with ascension cards and the deck will go on an auto pilot crazy mode. Huitzil is hard to kill because of its stats and shield.

You have a 40% chance to win. I have over 1800 matches with 1300 wins with Chun Li (Yawn). You think I’m just lucky to get an early top 100 spot? Part of it yes. I say experience and know your opponents move and get an early advantage are the keys to win against DD. Play more so you can execute good plays. Grinding is the hardest part of the game. If you want those tour points. You need more time to play and much less time to improve. You still have two weeks to abuse this tier 0 deck.

Ryu Shinku Hadouken

70/30. 30% chance of losing

Yes you are highly favored against Ryu.

Ryu is known to control the game by dealing random damage to your dudes.

He has shinku to target a single dude. 7 life below stat is an instant kill. If you will face Iowa, Will, Excede and Chris on ladder. You are the underdog. They are the best in the N/A region. Good for you if you manage to beat em. Seal the Penguin. ALWAYS. Anticipate random damages that will burst out wide spread. You always drop batteries(Shield) first so you can charge up and do the

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